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Our Renal Society of Australasia (RSA) community is a collective of unique and diverse individuals: each of us contributes a vital piece to the complex puzzle that is kidney care.


Collaborating is the key to unlocking our potential and advancing kidney healthcare. We believe that it is only through collaboration across multiple disciplines and a holistic approach, that change happens - and where working together towards a brighter future, will make every difference.


With the recent launch of the 2023-2025 strategic plan and combined with our newly formed and energised team, we will amplify the voices of our members. We invite your support and together with our growing coalition of partners and supporters, we will advance the care of people with kidney disease.


Based on research and engagement with members, sponsors and the wider industry, the RSA 2023 Conference will build on the success of previous conferences and will feature a range of new educational and engagement activities. The conference will seek to drive more engagement with delegates on and off the exhibition floor.


A diverse range of opportunities are outlined in our partnership prospectus.  Consider the opportunities outlined in this document as a guide and talk to our team to customise a package to suit your needs.


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